About Us

Datakue where "Kue" stands for "unambiguous"

Our ultimate aim is to have happy customers


We emerged neither from paper napkins, nor out of fluke
We are professionals with 100+ man years of exp.


To be a global brand and to empower
SMEs through online technology based solutions


1. Effective products & efficient services
2. Solutions meeting customer objectives

Inception of Datakue

A non-dramatic, simple yet bold & interesting start


We are Datakue Services Private Limited!!

We are an Indian organization, primarily providing IT products & services. We are head quartered in Bengaluru, India. Having founded on 11th March 2014, by an award winning entrepreneur, three more business friends & contemporaries on-boarded subsequently. The top management are highly dedicated professionals, creators and doers with the collective experience of 150+ man years from IT, Telecom & Finance background. We are today a successful yet zero debt company. So this is the simple part of the story.

The interesting part is that the founding members are neither relatives, nor college friends or colleagues. They are on their own business journey. The catalysts were seminar, meditation workshop and a hand-shake after project handover as a vendor. Well, one common thread looped them together. Yes, the primary founding member. One fine day, the bubble inside the heart popped out over the phone. After 2 sittings, Datakue incepted!

Datakue signed its first client Canara Bank in Bengaluru in April 2014 itself. With quite an enthusiastic yet a humble start the journey has been smooth as expected.

Since inception, the team focused on product development exclusive to the SME market and released 3 in a row in November 2016.

Our Guiding Principles

  • We value and propose top quality solutions

  • Anytime support means 24 x 7 x 365 and we strive to deliver this promise

  • Long term benefits & profitability to the stakeholders

  • Develop & maintain HAPPY CUSTOMERS for a long term

What we do?

We provide business consulting in the areas of Ecommerce, CRM & ERP to companies (SMEs) in manufacturing, logistics, hospitality, healthcare and retail sectors. Our product offerings are automation of business processes while our service offering is a full suite of social media publicity & digital PR services.

Our key products are,
1. ProSight - High potential CRM for SMEs
2. EnteGreater - Comprehensive and easy to use ERP for SMEs
3. Cool Cart - Powerful ecommerce solution

Our full suite of services are,
1. Imagekue - social media marketing & publicity
2. Graphikue - A to Z graphic designs for publishing & online media
3. Markue - Mass marketing through event management



Our product ProSight, is suitable for start-ups to SMEs and enterprises, comes in 3 editions


Truly resourceful, planning, managing & forecasting cloud solution for SMEs & large enterprises


Cool Cart, ecom s/w that is quick to launch, low in maintenance & cost of ownership


An online image building strategy that works for all from start-ups to SMEs and enterprises


Stunning graphics, sales boosting messages, award winning concepts is our mantra to design


We have the mass, the access, the message media & the platform, you should explore for growth


To partner or associate with us

Call us & say Datakue @ 9833 869 501

Let's start working on how we can grow together